Thursday, November 19, 2009

Year of Trial

I was perusing this blog recently, and I have been avoiding it lately.  For one, its very personal, and I think, why put my heart out there?  The other is that this has been probably the hardest year of my life.  Trials.  Pain.  Suffering.  Grief.  It all fits this year's description.  Have you had a year like this ever? 
I wouldnt write it off as just a nightmare year though.  Have you ever found that even in the most dire of times, you can look back fondly, like a precious scar, at the trial and say it was too precious to discard altogether?  I have a beautiful wife.  I have three amazing children.  Those I suffer with this year are dear to me and when you suffer with others, it draws you together and bonds you intimately.
To those who are suffering, in pain, carrying grief or walking through trials, I say, hold on.  When life flips you on your keister, let others know. 
Find the joy of the moment and cling to it.  Escape into lighter fare of thought.  Cuddle in to your Creator's parental embrace, He cares and will show himself.
Having said that, let me make something clear.  I have had enough drama.  I have learned a couple of things about people in the last while.  Trials reveal your true character, in both positive and not so positive light.  People fail you when you suffer.  They may just be trying to help, but often when immaturity reigns supreme, wounds compound.  Don't be a compounding factor.  If a person expresses doubt or disappointment, no matter how tempted you are, don't try to placate your need to feel better by putting a pathetic bandaid on the wound.  Sit with them.  Pray.  Be affected.  Often God is calling people not to fix things, but to suffer with those who are under trial.  Jesus will touch your wounds.  There is a deeper healing in this.  Not touching, mind you, to fix the wound but to touch in compassion for the suffering.
Trials are markers of life.  They are guarantees.  They are also inconvenient and messy.  Do you have a neat life, selectively harnessed to only accept those people who fit your comfort zone?  God is not calling you there.  Nope.  Sorry.  Comfort is for the suffering.

Just a couple of thoughts about trials I wanted to share.

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