Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Adventure: MASTER of a LITTLE Universe

I have no idea if I can keep this up for posting, but I thought it would be cool to blog about my latest huge task: my Masters Degree. It has been on the horizon since God tarted leading my wife Pam and I before we got married.  A long long process has brought me to the right time, the right way to pursue this as a career choice.  There is something God is doing, and my masters is a part of it.  I am into my 6th course of 20, which is remarkable and daunting.  Understanding my world view, how I see human nature, how I see sickness and health, all are a part of this process.  Deep and critical thoughts are now part of my daily processing.  I must be able to convey how I think we all get to where we are going in life, how we function as humans and what my role is in helping others to heal and to change.
I remember times when people have prayed for me, discerning that there is healing in my hands and within my gifting.  God then sent me into places where I had no influence on other people's healing, rather I was to go through a healing of my own, to let go of needing to fix people and to embrace my own shortcomings.  A reckoning is part of my journey.  So whatever healing looks like I will need to perhaps blog it out.
This week i am looking at how I feel God communicates.  I am learning that there are those who have spent their entire careers, their entire journeys pontificating about such enormous questions.  I think a lot on these things on a personal level.  I believe God speaks to all humans.  I believe He is a communicator, one who would relate to those he created in his image, to reveal himself, and then to specifically bring messages to individuals and groups.  How does this fit a counselling career?  If I am clear about my own thoughts on spirituality and accepting of how people might differ or be on the same page, I will be able to meet them in their own spaces and join in the struggle.  God is speaking to them too whether they perceive this or not, but I will need to separate my own journey and be the person God created me to be as I walk alongside those who need a journey person with them for a time too.  Can they hear HIm?  Am I being transformed and exuding the grace and love that I see in Christ?  Yes, I will go there.  I will heal.  Ill talk with you about your journey, its important.