Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Emerge From Cinder and Ash

I have had a rough year so far. I just wanted to challenge you with this difficult saying:
"In this world you will have many difficulties..."
Straight from the Saviors mouth. That's a promise. But I always get surprised by its practical truth. No exception this year.
And it WILL get worse!? Really? How much worse? When? Do I brace myself each day for the worst? It has seemed this year more apparent than ever that I am not prepared for the worse. But it always could be!
I have told people things that were happening this year which made them swear out loud, just totally dumbfounded for words, and it was just what was happening, not imbellishment or dramatic license.
I think I'm done. No more. Stop now and let me off this crazy ride. Now I sound like Im on an episode of the Jetsons!

"...but take heart, I have overcome the world." These words are solid too. In fact, I look at them as the only hope we have. Things will not get better, we will continue to suffer and go through trials. There is a way through it though. Not an easy thing to get through something. But not alone, and not without help.

I saw a picture while running the other day. It was an aftermath of a bomb, debris and ashes everywhere. Total destruction. Then in the middle of the cinder and ashes, new, untamed life emerging, bursting throught he deatha and decay. Green. New. Hopeful. Naive, yet powerful. That was something inside me. It showed particularly during a Coldplay concert. The language of my heart is music...and something inside me wanted to burst forth, be expressed, be hopeful. I just wept and allowed the pain to resolve to care from my Creator. He is constant, He has overcome. He lives in me, so He can do this bursting forth for me, with me , through me. More to come I am sure.

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