Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Little Naked Runaway

So, I took my boys to the public pool the other day. One 9 years old, one 3 years old. We were getting out of the pool and changing. When the lot of us were in our birthday suits to change, my youngest son got a sneaky look on his face, and began to edge away from me, towards the hallway that led outside to the lobby. I looked at him and asked "where are you going?"...he pointed towards the door. I realized that I was naked and therefore it would not be prudent to run whilst my dangling participles were loose in the men's lockerroom (which was packed with men my age). I noted that the outside door, just out of sight from where I was, was most likely too heavy for him to open all by himself, so I didn't think he would get anywhere.
I was wrong.
I quickly realized that executing my urge to follow him had to happen AFTER I got some pants on. So I rummaged calling out for my son to stay there, not to leave! Once I found my underwear and pants and quickly pulled them on, I rushed to the door to see that yes, indeed he had left the changeroom stark naked!!
I pushed the door open and looked around panicking as to where he might have taken off too, with my bare chest and feet exposed. There he was, right beside my father in law who had not yet looked up from his book. My father in law was sitting in front of the large window in the lobby which overlooks all the swimmers in the public pool. When my father in law looked up at me and then at my 3 year old naked son standing spread eagle against the large window where all the swimmers were, he burst out laughing.
I am so thankful he didn't go outside.
Lesson? Heck ya, dont be naked when your kids are naked at the pool, it is leverage they can use against you.

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